Companies using our
software have all
transactions tracked in

(Any company using
SmartrCommerce/SmartrMarketing software
and making a certain amount of monthly
recurring revenue can participate once they
pass our rigorous due diligence.)

Participating companies
within the SmartrIndex
allow investors to fund
their burn rate.

(ABC Company makes at least $100k per
month based on an $8k to $15k per month
burn rate. By applying more dollars to
income-producing processes, we raise
monthly income.)

In exchange, a
percentage of each
transaction is set aside
in real-time per each
transaction for any
participating investors.

(ABC Company shares 10 to 25% of each
transaction to have their burn rate fueled by

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You must be using SmartrMarketing or SmartrCommerce software for your brand's transactions.

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